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Third Time Lucky!

Thursday 16th December saw WBro Sandel Dima installed as Master of Claygate Lodge for the third consecutive year by special dispensation due to the disruption of COVID-19. The meeting was made all the more memorable as the lodge was honoured to receive a visit from RWBro Ian Chandler, Provincial Grand Master. He helped the lodge celebrate the achievements of two brethren at very different stages of their masonic journeys – firstly by presenting WBro Peter Habermel with his 70 year certificate, followed by awarding Bro Alex Maghakian Gal with his Grand Lodge Certificate. It was particularly interesting to hear Peter’s stories from his time in the forces, his early masonic life and of his family and work. The lodge was delighted to welcome a number of visitors, including representatives from Piccadilly Lodge with whom Peter was initiated into Freemasonry 70 years ago.

A suitably celebratory festive board followed, with a substantial sum raised for charitable causes. We look forward to WBro Sandel’s third year as Master, with a busy schedule ahead as masonic life returns to full swing following two years of disruption. From Claygate Lodge, a Very Merry Christmas to all.

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