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Our Cup Runneth Over...

Well not quite running over, more walking steadily and from Guildford to Surbiton and then onwards to Mark Masons Hall in St James.

Monday evening saw Larry Hands, Daniel Encarnacao and Lionel Frewin together with Steve Naggy from Corinthian Lodge, high tail it to Glenmore House to welcome the University Scheme Cup, which was walked, over the weekend, from Guildford Masonic Centre by six members of Onslow Lodge who are the University Lodge for Surrey University. They were joined on the final legs of the journey by W.Bro Mike Harding our Assistant Provincial Grand Master. After a much needed quenching of thirst, the cup was handed over to Larry Hands, our Lodge University Representative, on the steps of Glenmore house.

Back to Glenmore House on Tuesday Morning to transfer custody of the cup, to representatives of the Uni Scheme from Metropolitan Grand Lodge, who were then walking it to Mark Masons Hall from where it was due to complete its 2000 mile journey, around the country’s Uni Lodges, by being walked to Grand Lodge in Covent Garden on Wednesday morning.’

A remarkable way of enhancing knowledge and interest in the University Scheme and very many thanks to all those who made the effort to support.

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