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Claygate Snookered in New Malden

Members were treated to a very enjoyable evening of snooker on the 28th August at the Grafton Club in New Malden.

It was clear from the method of selecting your singles opponent that most of us would be at the table for a very long time!

We started with 4 singles matches, followed by the victors playing again and eventually the grand final which was a very closely fought match between Alwyn and that dark horse Matt, who had earlier described himself as “a gentle breeze” rather than a Hurricane, when compared to the great Hurricane Higgins!

The four initial losers, played a very enjoyable doubles game.

Ivan presented what he had previously described as the “hideous”trophy to Alwyn and everyone congratulated the victor and breathed a sigh of relief that they were not taking that home!

A very enjoyable evening, which should be repeated and thank you to Ivan for all his excellent organisational skills and to Larry for use of his club.

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