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Canadian Brother 'proved' Claygate was up to the challenge.

With the sun shining and a flow of people entering Glenmore House to vote in the European Elections, Claygate Lodge members and guests assembled to welcome the Rt Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Ian Chandler and escorting officers, to their final meeting of the season.

Formally escorted into the Lodge by a column comprising, amongst others, our oldest member, W. Bro. Peter Habermel, Father of Lodge, Lionel Frewin and Vishnu Shanmuganathan the University Scheme candidate to be Raised during the meeting.

The Rt W PGM was welcomed into the Lodge by our Master, W.Bro. John Siviter, and took charge of the Lodge whilst the minutes of the April meeting were read and approved.

At the request of the Tyler, following an unexpected knock on the door of the Lodge, the SW Bro. Ian Johnson, left the Lodge to ‘prove’ a Canadian Brother who sought entry to the meeting. Once proved, the WM welcomed W. Bro Wilf Hare (Initiated into a Scottish Lodge before emigrating to Canada many years ago, who was on holiday from Ottawa), into the Lodge.

Bro Vishnu was then Raised in due form by the WM, ably assisted by W Bro(s) Larry Hands, Martin Schollar, Bill Slattery and Peter Habermel (Tracing Board). Working Tools were presented by Bro. John Brooks. All the officers were thanked and congratulated by the PGM for what was, a stimulating and enjoyable ceremony.

Following a brief interlude in the bar, the brethren attended an excellent Festive Board at which the usual toasts were honoured. The raffle and collection raised £366.00p for our charities and the Rt W PGM congratulated the Lodge on the amount it had contributed to the recently completed Surrey Festival.

W.Bro. Jonathan Dolling (Queens College Taunton Lodge No.6988) responded to the visitor’s toast and at the request of the WM performed a magic trick (he is a talented magician) which caused great amusement to those present and ‘proved’ a fitting end to a ‘Magic’ evening.

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