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A Classical Event - Visit to Apollo Lodge (Oxford University)

Along with about 200 Masons the two representatives of Claygate Lodge, John Siviter and Martin Schollar, visited Apollo Lodge (The Lodge for Oxford University), at their meeting to not only initiate 5 candidates but also deliver the Prestonian Lecture for 2018.

The meeting started at 4.30 pm in the great dining room in the Randolph Hotel, Oxford and was conducted with great speed and skill by the WM and his wardens and deacons in a fashion not unlike the last regular meeting at Claygate.

After calling off to set up the screen for the Prestonian Lecture which was given by Chris Noon, a Greek Classicist, entitled "A good Workman praises his tools" a talk about Masonic Metaphors in Ancient Greece with much humour and innuendo and which was well received by the visitors and members alike.

Prior to the Lodge being closed the Grand Secretary was asked to present the Master Masons certificates to two brethren out of about 20 that were read out. This he did by saying I present you with your Grand Lodge Certificate and then sat down.

The festive board was equally entertaining, the conversation lively and the entered Apprentice song sung with great humour and expertise. The loving cup was claimed by a University Lodge from Chichester who had a least 10 members present which, as the greatest amount of visitors from one lodge, was the criteria for making a claim to its ownership for the following year.

Following an entertaining evening we finished off as guests in the Oxford Union Bar, luckily only a two minute walk away but steeped in history and culture before taking our Taxi back to our digs in the Said Business School at Kennington.

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