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'Simply the best' - Claygate taps into rich vein of talent

At it's first meeting of 2018, Claygate gave a very warm welcome to the Assitant Grand Master Sir David Wootton on his first visit to both the Lodge and to Glenmore House. He was accompanied by a retinue of Grand Officers, including W.Bro Mike Harding Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W.Bro Mark Greenburgh PAGReg (University Scheme Chairman) W.Bro Nigel Moncreiff PJGD (University Scheme Vice Chairman), W.Bro Robbie Dobbie APGM and W.Bro Alan Bavistock (Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies) who was the escorting officer to Sir David.

Under the direction of reigning Master, Martin Schollar, those present then enjoyed a beautifully crafted first degree ceremony which welcomed Mr Brian Corrigan into the Lodge together with Bro Daniel Ecarnacao, as a new joining member.

All present were privileged to witness the wonderful rendition of the Charge to the Initiate ably presented by Bro. Clive Fennel and presentation of the working tools by Bro Ian Johnson.

Following the Lodge meeting, we enjoyed the most amazing festive board in the main ballroom at Glenmore House which was decked out with huge candelarbras on the tables. The quality of the food, wine and service were of the highest order and the WM and all present were delighted to have the opportunity to thank and toast the chefs and waiting staff during the evening.

The usual toasts were honoured and Sir David Wootton spoke about the Lodge's involvement with the University Scheme as the contact Lodge for Kingston University and other local further education establishments.

Claygate was at its very best, making our guests very welcome and all members and officers are to be congratulated.

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