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Claygate goes back to university

On the morning of the 21st Sept, we loaded the car with various metalwork, banners and pamphlets and eagerly set off to the KU Kingston Hill Campus. On entering the grounds we encountered a huge marquee, heavily guarded by students, who waved us up a side track to unload our wares.

The road was blocked by traffic unloading assorted pieces of equipment so John was despatched to find our pitch. The car was hurriedly unloaded and moved on by student "bouncers" to the safe parking bay at St Ann's Church.

Our pitch was at the back of the tent adjacent to a Pizza restaurant site, Bentalls and Student employers at Horse racing events. (Some of their props were made use of by the Surrey Masons just before packing up on the 2nd day (a great improvement on the origianal some would say - ed.).

During the course of the day we (The Team) consisting John, Martin, David Fairhurst (Onslow Lodge, University scheme at Guildford) Daniel Encarnacao (Dormer Lodge) Ian Johnson and Val Gibbens managed to convince some 20 of the thousands of students passing by to sign up for further contact.

The continual playing of loud music?? did much to dampen long conversations and led to extreme fatigue by the end of both days.

Our stand was adorned by a colourful table cloth, masonic regalia and a large box of chocolates to further entice the overfed students.

After a good nights rest John and Martin again pitched up at 1130 to start day 2 of the campaign assisted by Kieron Garlic from Tiffinian Lodge and Alex Gal our newest recruit.

The Ladies were represented by Hazel Damiral. Although the flow of students was much less than the previous day a further 8 contacts were obtained and various free offerings from Domino's Pizza consumed.

All in all much fun was had and the number of contacts made by both male a female participants made the exercise worth while. Just prior to the end of day 2, some horse play was noticed by members of the team who should know better.

University Representative Larry Hands, to whom we must be extremely grateful for organising the participation and Equipment (Ably assisted by Lionel) and John and I would like to thank all those that assisted on the two days.

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