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Claygate supports Scouts on Tanzania 2017 Expedition - UPDATED Message and Photos from Iragua

Message from Fr Chahali re project carried out by Hampshire Scouts:-

Thank you for the email and the best wishes. I am happy to let you know that the Doctor and the Nurse are already in the new house. I attach photos in front of their new house. Thank you very much for your support. Greet all the friends. Fr. Chahali.


Claygate Lodge are delighted to support the Scouts Tanzania Expedition 2017 with a donation of £930.00.

There will be 80 Scouts from the Southern Counties including a number of Scouts from Surrey.

This expedition required considerable funding with each scout being responsible for raising £3500, both to cover project capital as well as individual expedition funds.

The Scouts will spend four weeks in Tanzania where they will be involved in projects including helping local communities to build an extension, including doctors accomodation, to a hospital as well as building a school and working within communities to deliver skills workshops for youths and adults.

There will also be the opportunity for some well deserved sightseeing.

We wish them all a successful and safe adventure.

Lionel Frewin

Lodge information Officer

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