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The ‘end of season’ meeting on 25th May saw a delightful young man, Alex Maghakian Gal, become the Lodge’s first initiate under the University Scheme.

Alex, who hails from Spain, is currently studying banking and business studies at Richmond International University. Alex’s father is a spanish mason but unfortunately not able to join us to witness his initiation.

The Lodge, under the direction of reigning Master Bill Slattery, welcomed a good number of guests including three Grand Officers.

The initiation, conducted by W.Bro Martin Schollar, was a most enjoyable occasion, made even more so by the presence of Old Tiffinian Peter Smith who occupied the Senior Wardens chair during the ceremony.

We were delighted to welcome our retired Tyler, Vic Cockle, back to the Lodge after protracted but successful medical treatment and it was great to hear him both take part in the ceremony as well as give his wonderful rendition of the Tylers Toast at the Festive Board.

Following the meeting, we were treated to an excellent dinner during which the usual toasts were honoured. An excellent toast to the initiate was proposed by W.Bro Martin Schollar and that to the visitors was in the very capable hands of Bro Mathew Montlake.

The brethren were in generous mood and raised over £350 for charitable distribution of which £100 will be sent to The Province of East Lancashire to support their fundraising appeal for those bereaved and injured in this weeks Manchester terrorist attack.

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