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Report re Grand Lodge Visit on 21/11/15

‘A bitterly cold November Saturday morning saw a number of members of both Claygate and Dormer Lodge, together with family, friends and overseas visitors, meet in Covent Garden for an escorted tour around Grand Lodge. ‘

Meeting in the magnificent waiting room on the first floor we were then escorted by Ennys Coggles, our guide, down the corridor and into the Library where we received an introduction to Grand Lodge and were then taken into the magnificent museum.

Explanations were given in connection with the merging of the ‘Ancients’ and ‘Moderns’ to form the United Grand Lodge of England back in the 1700’s, which included the significance of the flags and ceremonial swords.

From there we were guided to the Grand Temple via the Grand Officers robing room and thence to the magnificent assembly areas leading to the Temple.

A short recital of a piece of Bach’s organ music demonstrated the magnificence of the newly refurbished organ and the significance of the symbols and decorations around the frieze together with the huge bronze entrance doors to the Grand Temple, which weigh one and a half tons each, were explained.

The chest containing the Rolls of Honour of those masons killed in the world wars was also explained together with the significance of the wonderful stained glass windows.

A question and answer session took place back in the Library by which time the participants from Claygate and Dormer, needing refreshment, reassembled in the Mason Arms hostelry for a greatly enjoyed pint.

All in all a very worthwhile visit and

highly recommended if you have not already taken one of these tours.’

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