The Universities Scheme

C o m m e n t  f r o m  a  n e w l y  j o i n e d  s t u d e n t

Alex Maghakian-Gal Student & Member of Claygate Lodge

Hi everybody! 


My name is Alex Maghakian-Gal

As you can notice my last name is not from here. I come from Barcelona, Spain. I am currently a student at Richmond The American International University in London and I am studying Business Management, Finance and International Banking with a minor in Economics.


I joined this in May 2017 and since I joined, I have been enjoying every single day from that day. I also made lots of new friends, who are loyal and of course really nice to meet. When people ask me why did I join, I just tell the truth, it comes from family but, the main reason is because I was curious of learning new things, knowing what was all about and also the amazing work in charity they do. ( we now) If you like enjoying free time, learning new things and meeting lots of people, probably you would like to know more about us, well that’s why we are here, happy to help.