Summer BBQ 'Damp but not discouraged'

Thursday was 38C and unbearable, Saturday, a pleasant 20C, but alas very overcast and at times a little damp!

Nevertheless, an excellent day for a BBQ for the Lodge in Ian and Michelle’s garden (what a delightful venue) for which we were treated to a fantastic spread of salads to accompany the regulation sausages, chicken, lamb and burgers, very ably cheffed, by Sandel and Ian.

The two reserve chickens, pictured, were not required!

The puds were no less impressive as the photo shows.

The afternoon raised over £200 including a raffle, with a plethora of prizes.

I think everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

The hard work and contributions, of salads, assistance by many was very obvious and a big thank you to those contributors; but the biggest thanks must go to Ian and Michelle, for both hosting this lovely event and working tirelessly, throughout the afternoon - I have heard that they continued in party mode and didn’t get to bed until 2:00AM - what staying power!!

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