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Quadruple Initiation Meeting Thursday 24th May 2018

It was a great pleasure for those Claygate members who were able to attend the Initiation meeting on Thursday 24th May 2018 to all be involved in some capacity or another to bring into the Lodge two Kingston University students and two Doctors, all in their mid-twenties, in a unique quadruple ceremony.

The special training received by those involved in the floor work really paid off and contributed to a fine ceremony that impressed visitors and candidates in equal measures. The Charge to the Initiates was very professionally delivered by our honoured guest. It was also fair to surmise that the average age of the members of Claygate Lodge has also been reduced in one large hit and this contributed to a lively and enjoyable festive board with copious quantities of food and refreshments of the highest quality.

Claygate Lodge is now in a position, with five entered apprentices, to push forwards to this years Fresher's Week at Kingston University with enthusiasm and we hope with help from Surrey Provincial University Scheme members. A great deal of thanks go to those that were involved in organising the meeting and especially to our University Representative who is already working on introducing a few more young men into Masonry, who have expressed an interest in joining in the future.

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