Getting Involved


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Membership is open to men of all faiths who are law-abiding, of good character and who acknowledge a belief in a Supreme Being.Freemasonry is a multi-racial and multi-cultural organisation. It attracts men of goodwill from all sectors of the community into membership.

People become Freemasons for a variety of reasons, some as the result of family tradition, others upon the introduction of a friend or out of curiosity to know what it is all about.

Those who become active members and who grow in Freemasonry do so principally because they enjoy it. They enjoy the challenges and fellowship that Freemasonry offers.


Claygate Lodge meets four times a year during the autumn, winter and early spring. Our meetings take place at Surbiton Masonic Hall, normally commencing around 5.00pm and comprise a short ‘business’ gathering when lodge matters are discussed, new candidates admitted and social events discussed. This is followed by a convivial dinner which we refer to as ‘The Festive Board’. Toasts are proposed and short speeches made in order that members can be homeward bound before 10.00pm.


In addition we meet regularly on an informal basis throughout the winter months in order to maintain social contact and to practice the little stories that we enact when new members join us and which are based on the ceremonies practiced by operative stonemasons going back through the annals of time.


Involving your partners or wives


Becoming a Mason is very much a family decision and one of our ways of thanking our partners for allowing us to participate is to hold our annual Ladies Night at which we welcome our ladies and partners to a fine evening of wining, dining and dancing.


We hold a summer BBQ, visits to places of interest and other events at which our partners and friends are very welcome. We seek to ensure that the cost of events are reasonable and accessible to everyone.


One of the joys of Freemasonry is that a member can visit other Lodges both throughout the UK and internationally. Contacts established abroad lead in many instances to fraternal visits to these Lodges by UK Lodges which are great fun.


What does it cost?

There is a one-off joining fee of £166 which includes all registration fees with what we refer to as Grand Lodge.


The annual lodge fee is currently £100 and the cost of dining (4 courses including wine) amounts to £30 per meeting (4 meetings per year).