The History of the Lodge Page 8



THE NEXT 10 YEARS 2003-2013


Masters, Initiates, Joining Members & Promotions


2003 Peter Habermel

The Lodge was experiencing a dearth of members and without any prospects in sight, meetings comprised of lectures or demonstrations. To break out of this cycle it was resolved to hold a "Blue Table" ie. a meeting to which invited prospects would receive presentations on Freemasonary followed by a festive board.


2004 Alwyn Walters

Stephen Elsworth became a joining member


2005 Terry Daniels

3 initiates, Jonty Cooke, Andrew Shackel & Peter Linnell

Royston Low receives a Certificate to commemorate 50

years service.


2006 John Siviter (2nd. term)

Roy Dixon was initiated.


2007 John Hunt

Larry Hands became a joining member


2008 John Hunt

Gavin Wilson became a joining member


2009 Alywn Walters (2nd. term)

3 initiates, Bill Slattery, John Allchurch & Mark Kirton

John Siviter promoted to PPJGD.


Sadly Royston Low died in March 2010


2010 Alan Robinson

Keith Blake initiated and Martin Schollar became a joining


Alwyn Walters promoted to PPGReg.


2011 Philip Worsley

Gareth Palmer initiated

Sadly John Rumbold died in Febuary 2012 and Tony Budd in July 2012


2012 Jonty Cooke

Ray Montague initiated

John Brooks and Clive Fennell became joining members

and Ian Willis re-joined in 2013. Martin Schollar promoted

to S.L.G.R.

Jubilee Commemoration meeting on 29th November 2013.