The History of the Lodge Page 4

1980 saw the resignation of W. Bro. McNae as Treasurer after many years of faithful and painstaking service, and W. Bro. Budd was elected in his place. Bro. Budd, being a Chartered Accountant, it was felt the lodge finances would continue to be in safe hands!


In April 1981 W. Bro. Brookes resigned. He was our Founding DC and later Organist, and greatly respected by all who knew him. December of that year saw the ascent of Lionel Frewin to the Master's Chair, and the presence of a strong West Country contingent including R. W. Bro. Kinnersley, the Prov.GM. for Somerset, W. Bro. Francis, the AProv.GM for Cornwall, the AProvGM for Somerset and many other distinguished visitors and members of Lionel's old Queen's College Lodge. (The West Country influence was to continue to this day, Lionel having introduced a few small but interesting variations into the signs and rituals).


In 1982 Orville Westlake was promoted to PPJGW, and in 1983 he moved from Compton Water, so we had to find new premises for our LoI's. For a short while Lionel Frewin put up with us in his house as did Rod Carroll but Royston Low had a patient who managed the Foley Arms in Claygate and who confirmed that they had a hall, which could be used for weekly meetings. We were very happily ensconced and the beer was excellent.


1985-6 showed periods where there was no set work to be performed, giving the opportunity for the Brethren to sit back and make 'a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge' in the form of various lectures by W. Bro. Low and a very interesting talk on 'King Solomon and the Israelites' by Dennis Machin.

On the 24th. June 1989 the Lodge suffered a grievous loss in the unexpected death of W .Bro. Geoffrey Reed. Geoff will always be remembered with great esteem and affection for his terrific dry sense of humour and also for the sincerity and efficiency he evinced in his Masonry. He is sorely missed. A further sad oc­currence was the resignation of W. Bro. Frank Watson who had served the Lodge so ably and so well in the capacity of Charity Steward over a long period.


1990 saw changes in the way the Masonic Hall was being run, as a result of which the various lodges were expected to provide all the necessary pieces of equipment for themselves. The Brethren rallied round to a heart-warming extent, including a fearsome Tyler's Sword from Bro. Gerry Lambert and a set of Working Tools in the three degrees from W. Bro. Low (the Minute Book records, that he uttered "an Ancient Egyptian Curse' to guard them from theft, but unfortunately he couldn't remember what it was!). W. Bro .Alan George presented a poniard, W . Bro. Frewin two squares, and W. Bro. Rodney Car­roll gave a set of three gavels.