The History of the Lodge Page 3

1968 was marred by news of the death of Bro. Jack Savory, our Founding Secretary, after a long illness. A big change occurred when Orville Westlake moved to an imposing new residence in Fairmile Park Road, Cobham. This house was important in that it possessed a very large music room which was quite capable of housing thirty or forty people, and it was therefore decided that not only would all future Lodges of Instruction be held there but also future Ladies' Nights. With the assistance of an excellent Hi-Fi system and some very good caterers we were able to save quite a lot of money which could go to the Charities.


1968 saw the installation of Leonard McNae as Master of the Lodge and also the opportunity of meeting at the Masonic Hall, Surbiton. We were not sorry to say 'Goodbye' to the Youth Centre with its rather bleak atmosphere and to say 'Hello' to the relative cosiness of the Masonic Hall (even if the food was not quite up to the Bear standards'). Unfortunately we had no ceremonies to perform during Bro. McNae's year, but Bro. Low filled in with lectures on the First Tracing Board, the Hiramic Legend, etc.etc.


1970, under Bro. Jimmy James, saw three new Initiates and one Joining member. By pure coincidence two of the Initiates, Ronald Black and Geoffrey Reed, were both air-line pilots. Bro. Reed was an Australian who will be ever remembered for his sense of humour and his habit of switching into an appalling 'straine' accent when least expected. But he was a Freemason in the finest meaning of the word and a brilliant ritualist....


1971 saw a long-delayed ceremonial Dedication of the Lodge Banner by W. Bro. Rev. J.J. Hastwell, Prov.A G. Chaplain, assisted by W . Bro. L.G. Banwell. OBE, MSM, PPSGW as S.W., W. Bro. C.A Spriggs, PPJGWas J.W., and W. Bro. J.R. Jones, Prov .Dep. GDC as Director of Ceremonies. After the ceremony the W.M. resumed his chair and expressed thanks to W.Bro. Orville Westlake for presenting the banner to the Lodge. A very welcome Joining Member in that year was W. Bro. Francis Watson, PPG Supt. Wks. who was elected with immediate effect into the combined offices of Almoner and Charity Steward


In 1972 the lodge received its first Provincial honours, W. Bro. Westlake being given PSGD and W. Bro. Brookes PPJGD. In 1975 W. Bro. Low was honoured to receive Acting Provincial Rank as Prov.JGD and W. Bro. McNae received PPSGD. Also in 1975 (under Frank Watson as WM) we saw the entrance of Lionel Frewin as a very welcome Joining Member whilst 1976 saw W. Bro. Westlake assuming the Chair for the second time.